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We have 20 years’ experience of helping candidates, at all levels, with their CVs, and can offer this as a paid service, when needed. If you would like further information on what goes into this service, please email and ask for an appointment to discuss.  We see senior level candidates frequently who have had the same CV for 20+ years or so, that they have  simply added to, and they value our guidance on modernising.  On the other end of the spectrum, entry level, clinical and general sales candidates often need help in getting their CV to a point where it is what their new employer ‘wants to read’, as opposed to ‘what they would like to say’.   We also provide 1 pro-bono CV writing, each month, for a person who has worked previously in the NHS.

Basic CV  – 

Between 2 and 3 pages

Suitable for salary levels up to £45k

Includes an initial exploratory  and alignment of objectives call and a subsequent  30 minute video discussion to arrive at a superb end result.

Advanced CV  – 

As in the Basic CV package, but including more intricate messaging where diverse experience sets need to be incorporated into a concise CV that also has unique impact tailored to and showcasing you.  Salary range guide £45-£70k

Total Rewrite & Remodel  –  £370.00

Suitable for the candidate who has added to their CV for years and needs a 100% rebuild.  Includes 3 hours of ‘you’ workshop’ and guidance. This is a gruelling experience, and not for the feint hearted. You will emerge the other end as a new person, ready to re-launch your career.

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CV Creation Service