At Silchester, we like to do things differently. If we take on a client, we offer them a full service level of support. If you, the client, want us to find the most ridiculously tight brief, we smile, say yes, and get started. No position within your company is too difficult for us to find.


We like to set fees per individual project, and we like to be incentivised to find the right person for you, not just the most expensive person.

We can give you:

  • A diverse choice staffing, across Sales, Marketing and Clinical Support within all areas of therapy, from complex scientific to humanitarian.
  • Remuneration data, statistics and comparable salary guidance
  • Candidate replacement guarantees where we share the recruitment risks.
  • Fee structures that endorse that you are always given value for money
  • 2nd level support for your in house ‘Talent Management Team’.


  • Sales & BDM
  • Marketing
  • C Suite  and NED
  • Leadership
  • Clinical  Support
  • UK and TransEuropean
  • RAQA
  • NHS Pathway Liaison and Quirky BDM /Strategic roles